Power of Prayer and Positive Thinking!

​     Believe in what is possible! 

Grounded in my Catholic Faith, I have grown to trust God and His will for me.  Dating back to my early childhood, I have many examples throughout my life that are testimony to the power of prayer and God leading the way.  As told to me by my mother, from the day of my birth, God had a special plan for me.  How right she was.  

My goal is to share these experiences and to be a source of inspiration to as many people possible.  I have found in sharing my life experiences and persistence in pursuing God's Will for me with young adults in high school and college, as well as leaders throughout various industries, it has brought hope, inspiration and joy.  It is amazing what the Power of Prayer and Positive Thinking can do!

If you have any interest in learning more or having me address a group, please send me an email at tlandretti@popthink.net.  

Prior Speaking Engagements

- Greeley West High School

- Wausau Newman High School

- Union Colony Elementary School

- University of Wisconsin - Madison, School of Human Ecology

- Wyoming Bee College

​- Colorado State Beekeepers Association

​- Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association

- Exchange Club of Greeley, Colorado

​- Kiwanis Club of Greeley, Colorado